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Fitness watch to fit your needs


Fitness Watches For Men – Loads Of Function, Lots Of Style!

Fitness Watches For Men – Loads Of Function, Lots Of Style!

Fitness Watches For Men

Hi Guys! Are you looking for that perfect fitness/smart watch to fit your daily lifestyle? Well than, you have come to the right place. Because, in this article I’m going to discuss a few different fitness watches for men that I believe could be worthy of dawning your wrist.

Now, there are many different models out there on the market. And although I can not honestly say that I have tried everyone that is available I am a proud fitness watch owner and user. I will say that my current trusty and reliable friend that dawns my wrist is a Fitbit model so in honor of my trusty friend we are going to start out examining a fitbit product and move on to other, what I believe to be, great models depending on what your needs and price range are. So Let’s dive right in!

For The Stylish Yet Economical Minimalist

So for our first Fitness watch for men I would like to introduce you is the Fitbit Inspire HR. Now, why have I chosen this particular model and brand to start out with? Well, Fitbit is a trusted well proven brand that has been a work horse of the industry. And why the Inspire HR you ask? Because, I wanted to start off with a functional stylish slim fit model that is also economical for someone not looking to break the bank for many accessories then they require.

So, as mentioned in my about me page, my goal is to provide my readers with options for a fitness companion that will help them on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. And as usual, fitbit has delivered with the Fitbit Inspire HR. Like many of their watches it is capable of:

  • Activity Tracking (Steps taken)Fitness Watch For Men
  • Sleep Stage Tracking (Light, Deep or REM sleep results through the app)
  • Calories Burned
  • 24/7 Heart Rate
  • Cardio Fitness Level ( Linked to fitbit app gives you a snapshot of how fit you are)
  • Set Goals With Various Exercise Modes ( Running, Biking, Yoga)
  • Guided Breathing Sessions (In.. Hold…. and Out!)
  • Although not equipped with GPS can connect to your phones GPS to give you real time pace and distance.

It also is capable of interchanging the watch bands, so if you are not excited about the color watch band you can change it out without using any tools. And as, any other watch on the market, yes, it also tells time. When you buy one it includes the fitbit inspire HR, classic wrist bands (both large and small) and charging cable.

Compared to other models it is slim and sleek in design, which you may be worried about it looking too dainty on your manly wrist, but it is actually well proportioned and I would suggest that it could possibly fit better under sleeves so not to give a wrist lump appearance under long sleeve shirts.

Also, this model has generally good reviews receiving a 4.3/5 for user reviews.

If Swimming Is In Your Blood

Give a round of applaud for the Garmin Vivoactive 3! And the crowd goes wild. Now settle down, settle down. Has many features that you will love. And let me tell you the bells and whistle on this beauty are plenty. Since, we are focused on us guys who like to swim, Let’s start there. Features include:

  • IPhone/Android connectivityFitness Watches For Men
  • Swimming pool profiles
  • Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count, swim efficiency, calories)
  • stroke detection ( freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
  • basic rest timer
  • time and distance alerts

Also, included are… and man the list is long..:

  • Cycling features ( alerts, profiles, compatible with varia rear facing radar, compatible with varia lights, speed and sensor support
  • Skiing, snowboarding, stand up paddling and rowing profiles
  • Total ascent/descent features
  • Golfing Features (yardage measurements, shot distance calculations, digital score card, stat tracking, autoshot, etc)
  • Running Features (Running, treadmill, indoor running profiles, GPS based distance, time and pace, Run workouts)
  • Heart rate features
  • Training planning and analysis features
  • Gym and fitness equipment (strength, cardio and elliptical training, stair stepping, floor climbing, indoor rowing and yoga)
  • Activity tracking (step counter, sleep monitoring, auto goals, calories burned, floors climbed, distance traveled, etc)
  • calendar
  • weather
  • find my iPhone
  • garmin pay
  • GPS
  • compass

Just to name a few… and more features still.

Needless to say, for anyone looking to do some serious workouts/training, this could be the option for you. Instead of a small sleek design this one has more of a round watch look and feel to it. What is included in the box is the garmin vivoactive 3, charging cable/data cable, and manuals. Although it does not appear to come with spare wrist bands they are interchangeable and can be purchased as an accessory along with heart rate monitors, cycling accessories, and sensors.

As far as activity tracking goes this watch appears to have a lot of tools at your disposal. Reviews for this watch tend to be good, just coming in under the fitbit from above at 4.2/5 rating. Some comments range from “overall all really happy” or “great for healthcare workers” to “Do I like it or love it?” Keep in mind these are not my review but some others.

Compared to the fitbit inspire hr it does run generally at a higher price point, but is also loaded with lots of different tools for those who enjoy being active.

Let’s Climb That Mountain

If your an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, look no further than, once again, Garmin. They have climbed to top with the Garmin Fenix 5X.

So, What does this beauty offer.. Well Let’s get started. Some but most certainly not all the features included are:

  • Full Color Topo mapping, rout able cycling maps and other outdoor navigation features
  • rugged design that features a stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case
  • Built in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS capability to track in more challenging environments
  • Battery life up to 12 days in smartwatch mode, up to 20 hrs in GPS mode or up to 35 hr in ultratrac battery saver mode
  • On wrist heart rate monitorFitness Watches For Men
  • Round trip run and round trip ride routing options
  • Easy to read guidance cues
  • Around Me mapping to display nearby locations
  • Group track to keep tabs on your buddies
  • Capable of monitoring your Performance, Training and recovery
  • Capable of analyzing your technique
  • Swim Profiles, Skiing, Paddle Sports, Golf and More
  • Custom watch faces
  • Step counter, Calendar, Weather, Find My Phone
  • Floors climbed, Calories burned, Distance Traveled
  • Sleep Monitoring

And Much Much More…

If your the kinda person who likes to get lost in the wilderness… then maybe this one isn’t for you because with all these specs getting lost might be a little hard to do. In all seriousness, if your a hiking person who likes to keep track of progress, places you go, and added security of basically a trail guide on your arm, then you might want to consider investing.

I don’t want you to be shocked though. Once again for added features seems to come added price. But if the motto holds true that you get what you pay for, then you should be in store for a fairly reliable fitness watch.

A lot of ratings are hovering around 4.5/5 customer ratings.

Suits And Ties, All The Way!

To round out our discussion, I would not want to forget the gentlemen who are most comfortable when they are knocking it out of the park at business meetings or treating that special someone to some fine dining, hitting the country club or just getting dressed up and out for a good time. I have selected a watch just for you.

Welcome…. The Emporio Armani Full Display SmartwatchFitness Watches For Men

Now, you might not get the best tracking capability if you are going to climb mount Everest, run a marathon, or swim the English channel, but if you looking for something with class, maybe with not some maybe bells and whistles that will still do the average fitness tracking then this might just be the watch for you.

This watch comes in several colors which include: Silver or Black. It also includes touchscreen capabilities that connect to both android and ios, message notifications, music, sleep and activity tracking, interchangeable straps, and google assistant.

Finding The Right Fit, To Help Keep Your Body Fit

Now, after all of that I know can’t make the decision for you, and I’m not sure I’d want too because there are a lot of great choices depending on what you are looking for in a fitness watch. In the grand scheme of things we have just skimmed the surface of what is available to you on the market. I have attempted to narrow down the field to include some of the more prevalent fields of fitness, however it would take many articles to encompass them all.

Whether you are looking for an economical minimalist watch, or you’re chasing your passion for walking, running, swimming, hiking, basketball or simply to be health conscious while winning on Wallstreet, I believe you can’t go wrong with owning a fitness watch. You only get one body, best to take care of it while you can.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Watches For Men – Loads Of Function, Lots Of Style!

  1. This is informative post, I am a big fan of Fitbit and use one personally. With every passing day I keep finding more wonderful things I can do with Fitbit. I have to manage my blood sugars so I allow my continuous glucose monitor notifications to push to my watch. It’s a great way to stay on top of things. I can read the alerts right on my watch screen. I also love the alarm clock I don’t have to get scared of noisy clocks or phones. The Fitbit makes a vibration that wakes me up consistently but not so ‘alarmingly” pun intended. I like the color of the band and watch (lavender). I do get a rash if I keep it on wet skin so preferably dry yourself completely after showering and clean the Fitbit regularly. Love the size and shape. I am glad I did’nt go for the versa or apple/galaxy watch.

  2. I have an old Fitbit HR I am looking to replace. I like to bike and hike, do you think the Garmin Fenix Rx would be a good choice to keep track of my workouts and other things.
    I am an older adult at 67 years and do not like a lot of stuff on my wrist, is this model very large and bulky.

    1. Hi John, Great to hear you are a fitness watch owner already. Although it is completely your decision to make, from what you are saying I would suggest that the Garmin Fenix RX may be a little too much watch for what you are looking for. This watch comes with a lot of features that may be more then you are looking for. Myself, I am a fitbit owner and I love it. However, if you are looking for GPS I would consider switching to Garmin. If your not looking for GPS, I would honestly recommend staying with the fitbit brand, because you are already familiar with how the operate and their capabilities.

      For you I would recommend the Fitbit Charge 3. It is the most comparable to your current fitness watch and has 19 trackable exercise on it. If going biking all you should have to do is select the appropriate exercise. It also has automatic exercise detection so in all likelyhood it should be able to automatically track your type of exercise. You could move up to the versa or ionic line of watch but they are a more bulky watch to wear.

      If I were to suggest a garmin watch for you it would be the garmin vivosport. Although not as flashy as the fitbit charge 3, it does come with GPS. It also comes with biking profile on it. However, hiking features would likely be limited to step counter, calories burned, distance traveled and intensity minutes.

      My honest opinion (strickly your choice) would be if not looking for gps, to go with the Fitbit charge 3. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you need anything else.


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