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Fitness Watches For Kids – Their Health Is Our Main Priority

Fitness Watches For Kids – Their Health Is Our Main Priority

Fitness Watches For Kids

As a parent we spend a large percent of our time caring for our children. We always want what’s best for them, and their physical well-being is a primary focus from day to day. There are many aspects to fitness watches that play an important role in an adult’s daily life, but what about our children. You say “Why would a child need a fitness watch?” Most Have an unlimited amount of energy! Are you sure about that? Fitness watches for kids can play an important role in how they develop.

That is why I am going to examine different fitness watches for kids, so that you, as a parent, can rest assured that your child is getting enough sleep, quality of sleep, enough activity throughout the day, as well as setting bedtime schedules and promoting a healthy lifestyle into your child’s life at a young age. So, lets dive in and see what’s available!

Garmin vivofit Jr 2 – Running, Jumping and Playing.. Oh My!

Garmin has come up with an amazing fitness tracker for kids in the Garmin vivofit Jr 2. Being a kid at heart myself, I truly got excited when I saw all the different colors and themes that this watch comes in. Ones that I am sure your child will absolutely love such as:Fitness Watches For Kids

  • Disney frozen 2
  • Princesses
  • Minnie Mouse (2 types)
  • Star Wars (3 types)
  • Avengers
  • Spiderman
  • Captain America
  • Dinosaur

Wow, that should grab you child’s attention right off the get go… pleading “Can I have it?”, “Can I have it?”. Now that you have their attention, time for some on the features that this fitness watch is capable of to keep your child on the move. Besides the amazing themes these watches also come in either stretchy or adjustable wrist bands for ease of use. Stretchy bands accommodate wrists from age 4-7. Adjustable bands are for ages 4+.

Some other cool features are:

  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • 5 ATM water rating
  • Colour display
  • 4 weeks of activity data history
  • Time/date, automatic daylight savings time, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch
  • Iphone/android compatible
  • Step counter, move bar
  • Sleep Monitor (Monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)
  • 60 minute activity goal
  • Chores
  • Rewards
  • Task Timers
  • Reminder alerts
  • Toe to Toe challenges

That is a great list of features that you can utilize daily to track how important elements of your child’s day and night are progressing. We all hope that there will be no proble

ms, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you will have the ability to catch problems before they get worse.

Fitbit Ace 2 – Swim Until Their Hearts Content

If you have a little one who loves the water, the Fitbit Ace 2 maybe just the fitness companion you’ve been looking for. Designed by a leading company, with kids in mind, this fitness watch

comes with many desirable features to monitor you child’s sleep and activity. Also, coming in a variety of colors such as Night sky/neon yellow clasp, Watermelon/teal clasp, Grape/Night Sky clasp.

Some other incredible features that are included with the Fitbit Ace 2 are:

  • All day activity recordsFitness Watches For Kids
  • 60 minutes of activity
  • Swimproof
  • Up to 5 days of battery
  • Comfy and secure
  • Fun incentives
  • Fitbit app (parent view)
  • Fitbit app (child view)
  • Reminders to move
  • Sleep tracking
  • Bedtime reminders and alarms

With all of these features you can feel more secure knowing that you are taking that extra step to make sure they are on track for a healthy lifestyle. Although, we can’t protect them all the time from everything, we can do our best to control the things we can. With the Fitbit Ace 2 on your child’s wrist, you might just worry a little less.

Leap Frog Leap Band – Leaping Into Fitness

If your child enjoys products brought to us by Leap Frog such as Leap pad, Leap frog, or Leap start, than you are in for a treat, because the next option that I am going to discuss is the one and only Leap Frog Leap Band. This watch is normally designed you the younger generation that is just beginning to learn about fitness and how important it is to our daily lives.

This watch comes in three unique colors of Blue, Green, or Pink and has a familiar screen display resembling leap pad products. This watch is made for ages 4-7 years. Additional features that are included are:

  • Customize and play (choose 1 of 8 pets, than choose its name and color)
  • Kid challengesFitness Watches For Kids
  • Up to 36 leap band challenges
  • Leap band games
  • Pet nuturing
  • Healthy habits
  • rechargeable battery
  • water resistant
  • Hi res screen
  • Manage play times with school/quiet mode
  • Teaches skills of food and nutrition, gross motor skills, health & hygiene

What a great companion for your little one to learn important skills of life and to help set them on a track for success at an early age.

Fitbit Ace – For Those Graduating From The Ace 2

So, now your child is growing up in leaps and bounds right before you eyes and don’t seem to fit into the category of the typical kids watch but not quite old enough for the adult version either. Maybe, its time to consider the Fitbit Ace, not to be confused with the Fitbit Ace 2. The Fitbit as comes with more of a grown up feel and look to it but still has a lot of amazing features to keep on that daily track.

Some key features that make this watch so special are:Fitness Watches For Kids

  • Designed for kids 8+
  • Tracks steps, active minutes
  • Sleep tracking
  • Rewards kids for hitting goals
  • Step competitions
  • Showerproof
  • syncs to ios & android
  • battery life up to 5 days

Perfect for your growing preteen/teenager to keep on stepping toward a healthy and active life. With all the technology nowadays that instills an inactive lifestyle into your child wouldn’t it be nice to know what their is a companion that will help motivate your child to be as healthy as they can.

Keeping Them Healthy Means Everything

More than ever in our country the concept of “Going outside to play” is becoming more and more hidden in the noise of the appeal of technology. And, although these examples are pieces of technology, I believe they are designed with the betterment of not only a child’s physical activity in mind, but also, their quality of sleep, which plays an important role in their day to day growth and ability to learn and absorb.

With all the worries in life, lets make sure that their level of physical activity and sleep are not one of them. All of our children deserve the best possible chance at having a healthy successful life. We must start somewhere, Why not start now with a fitness watch?


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  1. Hi, I’d love to buy one of the Spiderman watches for my little son, 7 years of Age. I think it will be the perfect Christmas Gift for him as he is now getting more and more active and playing sports in Elementary School with his class mates. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the link on your page as where to purchase these watches. If you could help me out, I would highly appreciate it.
    Thank You! Vza

    1. Hi Vza, I appologize for not having the specified link available but you can purchase this watch from the Garmin website at Or you can get it from amazon for the same price at
      It is really a cool looking watch and I believe your child will love it.

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