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Fitness Trackers VS Smart Watches – Let The Battle Begin!

Fitness Trackers VS Smart Watches – Let The Battle Begin!


If You Have Ever Wondered What Is The Difference Between A Fitness Tracker Vs A Smart Watch, Then Not Only Have You Come To The Right Place, But I Assure You Are Not Alone. Whether, You Are Looking For A Tracker To Count Steps Or The Latest And Greatest In Technology Built More For App Features And Content, You Have Come To The Right Place To Seek The Answers You Have Been Looking For.


We Will Endeavor To Uncover The Various Similarities And Differences Between The These Two Watch Giants That Occupy The World Market, And In Doing So Hopefully Point You In The Direction That Will Meet Your Needs. Let’s Begin!

Smart Watches – Are They As Smart As The Sound?


Since This Is A Post That Will Be Present On A Fitness Watch Website, We Will Graciously Bow And Let The Explanation Of The Smart Watch Stand First. The Best Basic Explanation I Have For A Smart Watch Is To Think Of It As Having A Minature Smart Phone Strapped To Your Arm Instead Of Holding It To Your Face All Day Long.


Doing Many, If Not All The Same Functions That A Smart Phone Would, It Is Infact Similar To Having A Miniature Computer Strapped To Your Wrist. It’s Functionality Should Include Such Features As Digital Time Telling, Calculations, Touchscreen, Game Playing & Mobile Apps.


As Well As All These Features, Many Have Built In Features Such As Pedometers, Heart Rate Monitors, And GPS. These Features Are Similar Items That Can Be Found In Most Fitness Trackers. Often Smart Watches Are Paired To Your Smart Phone To Receive Such Things As Notifications, Emails, Texts, Calls Or Even Music Stored On Your Phone.


Basically, A Smart Watch Can Be Used For Fitness Tracking Features, But Is Geared More Toward Data Communication And App Prioritizing. Just Like Your Smart Phone, Smart Watches Are Based Heavily Around App Use. Whether, For Games, Email, News, Weather, Internet, Etc. This Can Be Great For Typical Daily Searches To Stay Informed, But Is It Fully Committed To Helping You Reach You Fitness Goals?


Fitness Trackers – Committed To The Cause!


Also, Known As An Activity Tracker, Fitness Trackers Are Watches Dedicated To Your Fitness Cause. Their Primary Function Is To Monitor And Track Fitness Parameters Such As Distance Walked, Run, Calories Burned And HeartBeat To Know When You Are “In The Zone”.


Many Of The Varieties Available Today Will Detect When Activities Such As Swimming, Cycling, Or Rowing Are Being Performed. Group Activities Such As Step Challenges Are Also Becoming More Popular As Extra Motivation To Go The Extra Mile.


Fitness Trackers Are Not Strictly About Being Healthy While On The Move, Most Trackers Will Monitor Your Sleep Patterns To Help Determine The Level And Quality Of Sleep That You Are Getting Throughout The Night. As Most Health Professionals Will Likely Tell You, Sleep – Quantity And Quality, Help To Play An Important Role In Your Everyday Health.


Although Most Fitness Watches Will Not Be Capable Of Streaming The Latest Youtube Video Or The Ability To Play Many Of The Latest Downloadable Games, It’s Primary Focus Is To Provide You With The Information You Might Need To Make Informed Decisions About Your Health And Where You Currently Are On That Journey.

Fitness Tracker VS Smart Watch – Battle Roy ale !


When Trying To Determine Which Device Best Suits Your Needs, It Is Best To Take The Time To Sit Down And Think About What You Really Require From Such A Device And The Price Point At Which You Are Willing To Pay.


For The Most Part, Smart Watches Are Going To Be More Expensive. For Example, The Apple Watch Series 5 Smart Watch Can Be Purchased For $484.99, Whereas a Fitbit Charge 3 Can Be Purchased For $99.95. Staying With The Fitbit Brand, Its Smart Watch, The Fitbit Blaze Can Be Purchased For $213.39. So, As You Can Clearly See There Is A Price Difference Between Smart Watch Technology And Fitness Trackers, However, You Will Be Getting More Features Such As Email, Text Notifications And Calls With A Smart Watch Whereas Fitness Tracker Are Slightly More Limited.


Fitness Trackers Are Generally More Designed With One Thing In Mind. FITNESS. They Are Usually Not Designed For Everyday Online Tasks Or Social Media, But That Is Usually What Most People Have Smart Phones For. Fitness Trackers Can Be A Asset If You Are Looking For Distraction Free Way Of Monitoring Your Daily Fitness Progress. If You’re Looking To Avoid The Distractions Of Social Media, While You Are Out For Your Run, Swim, Hike, Bike, Etc. Then A Fitness Watch May Be The Way To Go.


However, If You’re Looking For A All-In-One Device That Will Meet Most If Not all Your Fitness Tracking Needs, Plus Keep You On Track With Everyday Life Tasks and Social Engagements, Then Maybe You Should Considered Spending The Extra and Upgrading To A Smart Watch.

Minimalist Vs Bling


One Aspect That We Would Be Neglect If We Did Not Mention Is The Difference Between The Mainly Minimalist Design Of Most Fitness Watches Compared To The Full Watch Like Size And Design Of Most Smart Watches. If You Are Looking For A Sleak, Slim Design Watch That Does Not Attract Much Attention, Then You Are Likely Looking For A Fitness Watch.


However, If You Are More Interested In The Full Display Large Touch Screen That Would Compare To The Size Of An Average Watch Then You May Be More Inclined To Consider The Smart Watch As Your Fitness Companion.


Decisions, Decisions!


Although, There Are Lots Of Options On The Market To Decide From, One Of The First And Primary Decisions You Should Attempt To Make Is What Type Of Fitness Companion Are You Looking For. One With All The Bells And Whistle, That Can Function As Both Fitness Watch and Have The Ability To Keep You Up To Date With All The Latest Calls, Texts Or Social Media Posts, Or The Minimalist Version That Will Most Likely Lead To Less Distraction During Your Daily Fitness Journey And Is Built With, For The Most Part, One Thing In Mind – Health And Fitness.


No Matter What You Decide At The End Of The Day, Either Chose Could Lead To A Great Addition To Your Workout Regiment, Helping To Keep You Motivated And On Track With Your Daily Objectives. They Can Also Be A Great Tool For Improvement, Because We Believe That Everyday Is A New Opportunity To Improve One’s Self And Grow Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.


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