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About Me

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to Top Fitness Watch Reviews. I created this website to help you find, what I like to refer to as your fitness coach that goes where you go. Now you may think that I’m a buff fitness pro that has never cheated on his health and indulged in a BIG Cheese burger platter….but you’d be wrong.

I’m an average Joe, I have my good days and my lazy or emotional days. But, I find being the most prepared I can with helpful tools to keep me on my fitness journey are what make the difference between throwing in the towel when I stumble on a lazy day or getting back up from my lazy boy and doing those dreaded 250 steps that are required this hour.

As the saying goes without your health, you have nothing… I don’t know if that’s a saying but I’m going to say it. My opinion is your health is the foundation of your life. And as you get older, like myself, the ripe old age of 34, you start to notice that your health and fitness are not what they used to be when you were but a wee child, and it becomes more and more important to take care of yourself as your metabolism begins to slow down.

When This Got Real For Me.

As a child I was always active and on the go. Grew up in a rural community with lots of open spaces to roam. However, with the passing years, and yes marriage, the Good Food started packing on the pounds. And being one of the first to admit, weight loss is hard to do and even harder to maintain.

Although, I had never experienced any significant health issues, I had always known that my family tree was riddled with heart disease and high blood pressure, but had never paid much attention. Until one day, like so many others, I got breath taking phone call…. Your Father’s Had A Serious Heart Attack.

Now, my dad has work hard all his life and until then never any health issues. Thankfully, the problems where repaired and he is still with us, but it really hits home when the doctor says ” You could have easily been in the obituaries”. And then turns to myself and sister and says I can say with a fair degree of certainty that one of you are genetically pre disposed to this. Now, I’m not saying a Fitness watch can change genetics….because it can’t… not yet anyways. But, are you the type of person who will fight for your health even though the deck is stacked against you or give in and just let the clock run out. I say… Give It Your All, And Keep On Swinging!

The Right Fit For You.

So, my goal at Top Fitness Watch Review is to help you find the perfect fitness watch to compliment your life. You may not have genetic reasons, and maybe fit as fiddle already, and if so I applaud you. But I believe there is always room for growth and improvement everyday.

Not only do fitness watches keep you accountable by helping to keep you active but also have many other functions that are helpful as well. Some can connect to compatible devices to play music, some have coach capabilities, some can set alarms, and track various types of exercises such as running, biking, swimming, treadmill, weights, interval timing, as well, lets not forget one of the key features of watches… Tell Time!

And, not all fitness watches are created equal. Some are slim fitting, some are a little bulkier, some are compatible with your fitness equipment and some may not be.

I will endeavor to explain any of the underlying pro’s and con’s that I can uncover with the various devices as well as attempt to list the best prices.

Who Do You Want To Be?

Change can be hard… but why make it harder than it needs to be. Will a fitness watch make you skinny or muscular or fit. I would suggest that Indirectly, it can be a great partner in the journey of your fitness goals. Fitness takes hard work and dedication. And no, you may not be motivated every day to be the best you can be, but I find having a coach on my arm that will give me gentle reminders to get up and move helps to keep me going. So enough about me, lets dig in and find you the fitness companion you have been looking for!

All the best,


Founder of Top Fitness Watch Reviews



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